The decision to move our son from public school to St. Matt’s wasn’t an easy one-we questioned ourselves plenty of times in the months leading up to 6th grade. It’s never easy asking kids of that age to leave their friends and jump into something completely new, but we have never regretted, for even one second, our final decision. The teachers and the education were fantastic.

– Parents of St. Matthew’s 2011 Graduate


I believe the best recommendation for St. Matthew, is to see their own alumni coming back to teach in the classrooms in which they have learned .

– St. Matthew parent


We had a great desire for our children to be educated in a Catholic environment. Enrolling our boys at St. Matthew’s has been a wonderful, positive experience. St. Matthew’s provides a learning environment where our children are constantly challenged academically and supported both personally and spiritually. St. Matthew’s offers our children a quality education by an exceptional group of caring teachers. We feel that St. Matthew’s provides a foundation that will help our children through their formative years and help them become successful adults. We are confident that enrolling at St. Matthew’s School has been the best decision for our children.

– Paul & Sue Bisswurm, St. Matthew Parents


Because I received an excellent K-8 Catholic education as a child, it was an easy decision for my husband and I to choose St. Matthew for our daughter, Kate. Through the faith formation, study habits, organizational skills, and discipline instilled in the students at St. Matthew, we felt Kate would be well-prepared for high school and college. There is a significant difference in the quality of education at St. Matthew over public schools. Due to this difference, St. Matthew graduates are poised to become leaders and make a difference in their communities.

– Sari Forton, St. Matthew 4th Grade Teacher


We love the quality of education and the feeling that our child is safe and well cared for as soon as she walks in the door.

– St. Matthew parent


Receiving a Catholic education at St. Matthew School has really shaped the person I am today. Once I became a teacher, I knew that I wanted to return to the classrooms of a Catholic School. I couldn’t be happier having the opportunity to instill my Catholic Faith in the classrooms of St. Matthew School.

– Amy Kozlowski, St. Matthew 1st Grade Teacher & Alumna