Safeguarding All of God’s Family

In maintaining a safe environment for all students in our parish and school communities, all clergy, parish and school staff, and all volunteers who work with children are required to attend a Safe Environment Education Session and have a background check completed.  Pre-registration for the session is required, and participants must sign in and stay for the entire session.

To register for a session, Individuals should go to the Safeguarding All of God’s Family site:   scroll down and click on “Register For Safe Environment Session.”

All participants must arrive on time and stay for the entire session. Latecomers will not be admitted and those who leave early will not receive credit for attendance.

Safe Environment Education sessions are not appropriate for those under the age of 18 and still in High School. Please do not bring your underage children unless the location specifies that child care is provided.

If you need more information, please contact Darlene Finn,


Keeping God’s Children Protected and Safe

To know that we are children of God is to live in complete love, with deep abiding security and the ability to dream, to sing, to create, to laugh, and to play without worry. As we grow older, we face a new reality—we cannot approach all God’s creation with the same trust and confidence. We learn, through sometimes hurtful and damaging experiences, that some people reject the ability that God gave them to love and respect others—they ignore God’s call. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s program to safeguard children helps remind us of these very facts. With the help of this program, the faithful are guided and educated about the responsibility of how to keep God’s children protected and safe.  For additional information on this program, visit